Published On: June 17th, 2019Categories: Lapua, Shooting Competitions

Team Lapua shooter, Jack Neary, out shot nearly 200 competitors to win the Firearms Industry Super Shoot (F.I.S.S.) Light Varmint Grand Aggregate this past Memorial Day weekend. 

F.I.S.S. attracts the world’s best competitive benchrest shooters from 9 countries to Kelby’s Range in N. Lawrence, Ohio. Over four days of competition, five-shot groups are fired at targets ranging from 100/200 yards with a variety of new and innovative firearms, reloading equipment, components and accessories.

Neary, a Hall of Fame benchrest shooter and 5-time USA World Team member, attributes his competitive shooting success to Lapua’s unprecedented quality of construction. This includes: the finest raw materials, superior annealing qualities, exacting dimensions and longevity unmatched by other cartridge case manufacturers.

Neary stated: “Lapua cases provide me confidence to compete at the highest levels against the most talented shooters in the world. One shot can make the difference between first and worst, which is why every competitive benchrest shooter around the world trusts Lapua to achieve top results.”

Lapua cartridge cases were used by nearly every single F.I.S.S. competitor, a clear testament to their unmatched quality and “Passion for Precision.”