Capstone Precision Group is the manufacturer of Berger Bullets & Ammunition in Mesa, AZ, and is the exclusive importer for Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK products for the USA. Capstone produces and deliver high quality ammunition and components to the precision shooting community. As part of the Nammo group, our brands are recognized as the premier choice for excellence, performance, and precision, whether in combat, on the firing line or in the field.

Lapua is renowned for premium-quality, small caliber ammunition and components for target shooters, hunters, and military/law enforcement agencies. In shooting competitions worldwide, Lapua bullets, brass, and cartridges are the preferred ammunition for rifle and pistol shooting. Lapua’s exacting focus means superior and consistent results.

Continuing a fifty year tradition of excellence that began with Walt Berger, Berger produces rifle bullets for Target, Varmint, Hunting and Tactical shooting applications. Recognized as the leader in long range precision shooting, all Berger products are made to Match Grade standards, using high quality materials and rigorous tolerance tooling.

Vihtavuori produces industry-leading propellants that meet the strictest criteria for both civilian and military requirements. Building on a century of innovation, experience, and craftsmanship, Vihtavuori is known for clean burning, temperature stable and consistent reloading powder. Vihtavuori powders are produced in-house, ensuring reliable ballistic performance, long shelf-life, and a wide variety selection.

SK Ammunition:
SK Rimfire Ammunition has a storied 190 year history of producing top-quality .22 LR ammunition in Schönebeck Germany. With an unprecedented price-to-quality ratio, SK rimfire produces match-grade accuracy with bolt-action rifles, semi-autos, and pistols for use in today’s popular competition disciplines, training and practice.

To find out more about each of our brands, visit their websites at the links below.