Important Notes About Testing Your Rifle

Please review the below important notes before you schedule your appointment to test. A link to schedule your appointment is at the bottom of this page.

Scheduling your appointment

  • Testing is by appointment only (this includes mail in rifles, just leave date and time blank).
  • Each rifle being tested requires its own appointment form to be filled out. This is to ensure we have all firearms and their serial numbers on file to meet ATF regulations.
  • Testing takes two to four hours per rifle.
  • Appointments cost $50 per round of testing per rifle.
  • We accept checks and credit cards only, no cash payments.
  • Ammunition purchases are by the case, and have a one case minimum (5,000ct rounds).
  • Book early! Appointments are generally made one to two weeks prior, but can be booked out a month or longer during certain busy times of year.
  • Submitting an appointment request is not a confirmation of the time slot being open, we will call or email you to confirm your appointment.

Preparing your rifle for testing

  • Unless otherwise requested, your rifle will be removed from the stock and mounted on a machined bedding block to fit in the return to battery fixture.
  • If you prefer to have your rifle tested in the stock, please specify this in the notes section on your appointment form.
  • If your action is glued in to your stock (like many bench rest rifles), you must let us know before hand or you risk damage being done to the rifle.
  • We recommend you leave tuners, bloop tubes, and front sights mounted on firearms for the testing process.
  • If you have a new rifle/barrel, you must have 1,000 rounds through the barrel before sending it in for testing. A barrel that is not worn in will not give you accurate results.

Shipping rifles for testing

  • An appointment request must be submitted before shipping in your rifle (you can leave the date requested blank).
  • Do not ship your rifle via USPS.
  • Ship via UPS or FedEx with “Adult Signature Required” and insure your shipment for the full value of the rifle.
  • Ship your rifle in a hard rifle case.
  • Do not use packing peanuts when shipping your rifle.
  • If your hard rifle case has a combination lock on it, please include the combination in the notes section of your appointment request form.
  • Laws about shipping rifles can vary by city, county, and state. Please research your local and state laws before shipping your rifle.
  • Double check your return address when shipping your rifle to ensure it is correct, this is the address we will ship the rifle back to as per ATF regulations. Absolutely no exceptions, this is the law.
  • Return shipping charges apply to all mail-in rifles. We will only charge you what UPS/FedEx charges us, and do not add any handling or other such fees.

Mail in rifle timeline

  • If you mail in a rifle, you’ll usually get your rifle back within 1-4 weeks. See below for details.
  • UPS Ground shipping to our facility may take up to 5 business days depending on your location.
  • Inbound processing and testing usually takes 1-5 days depending on our schedule.
  • To ensure you are happy with your test results, we do not ship rifles back until you tell us you are finished testing and want your rifle back.
  • Once you are happy with test results and request your rifle back, it takes 1-3 business days for outgoing processing and up to 5 business days for UPS Ground shipping.

Visiting our test facility for testing

  • Testing is by appointment only, no walk-ins available.
  • Testing generally takes between two to four hours per rifle.
  • Our Arizona location is located at 4051 N Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215.
  • Our Ohio location is located in The Cardinal Shooting Center at 616 State Route 61, Unite 3-9, Marengo, OH 43334.
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. Coming in early means you may have to wait while we finish helping another customer. Coming in late may cause conflicts with customers that are scheduled to test after you.
  • When you arrive, follow the signs that say “Lapua.”
  • Do not plan to test your rifle and take home ammunition the same day. All ammunition ships from our distribution warehouse in Sedalia, MO.

Purchasing ammunition after testing

  • Ammunition is sold by the case only (5,000 rounds per case) and a minimum of one case per purchase. We can not split cases or mix and match different lots to make a case.
  • Ammunition can be purchased direct through the Rimfire Performance Center or through one of our authorized resellers/dealers. If purchasing through a dealer, we will help you coordinate the purchase to get the correct lot of ammunition.
  • All ammunition is stored in and shipped from our warehouse in Sedalia, Missouri. We do not keep ammunition for sale on hand at our testing facilities.
  • Please research your local ammunition shipping laws. Many states and counties have special restrictions in place for ammunition shipments. If you live in such an area, we can work with your favorite local dealer/FFL to get the ammunition to you.

Once you have reviewed the notes above, you can schedule an appointment by clicking here.