Published On: July 15th, 2022Categories: Berger, Shooting Competitions

Mesa, AZ –Congratulations to Team Berger’s Justin Skaret, winner of the Service Rifle division at the 2022 Colorado State High Power Rifle Championship. In addition, Skaret placed 2nd in the overall grand aggregate.

The Colorado State High Power Championship took place July 1-3, hosted by the Buffalo Creek Gun Club in Bailey, CO. The course-of-fire had competitors shooting 20-rounds slow-fire prone (22 min) at 600 yards, followed by (2) ten-round strings rapid-fire prone (60 seconds each) at 300 yards. The match concluded with 20-rounds slow-fire standing at 200 yards and (2) 10-round strings rapid-fire sitting at 200 yards.

“I have been shooting the Berger 77gr OTM and the 80gr VLD for almost 20yrs in High Power Service Rifle competitions and they continue to provide me a competitive advantage. The 80 gr VLDs cut through the fish tailing 600yd winds with ease,” commented Skaret.

Skaret competes with a 223 Remington chambered service rifle using Lapua 223 cases, Berger 77 Grain OTM bullets (200/300yds), Berger 80 Grain VLDs (600yds), and Vihtavuori N135 and N140 powders.

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