Published On: July 28th, 2022Categories: Berger, Shooting Competitions

Mesa, AZ – Congratulations to Berger’s Ken Sanoski for winning the 2022 Alderbrook Brawl Pro Series 2-Day match.

Hosted by the Alderbrook Sportsmen’s Association, the Alderbrook Brawl was held on July 16-17 in Littletown, NH. The two-day Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Pro Qualifier had competitors engaging both moving and static targets over a kilometer away in challenging terrain, shooting positions, and weather conditions.

Sanoski, who finished 3rd place at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge the week prior, scored a 135 for the win with fellow Team Berger member Morgun King 3 points behind in 2nd place. Congrats Team Berger for the 1-2 finish!

“The Alderbrook Pro Series PRS match in New Hampshire presented shooters with a lot of small targets at extended ranges. Consistent and accurate ammunition was a must to stay on target! A huge part of my success is attributed to using Lapua brass, Berger bullets and Vihtavuori powder. I just don’t see how my ammunition can get any better,” commented Sanoski. “My winning load at Alderbrook was built using Lapua 6 BR brass fireformed to the 6mm Dasher cartridge, 109 Berger Hybrids, and Vihtavuori N150.”

Sanoski will compete next at the Wisconsin Barrel Marker in Cascade Wisconsin on July 30th.

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