Published On: August 9th, 2021Categories: Shooting Competitions, Vihtavuori

Sedalia, MO – Congratulations to Team Vihtavuori member, Ian Klemm, on winning the 2021 US F-Class Long Range National Championship for an unprecedented 4th time. Klemm, who loaded Vihtavuori N150 and Berger’s 30 Caliber 200.20X bullets, is the 1st shooter to win four Long Range F/TR Championships.

The 2021 US F-Class Long Range National Championship was hosted by the NRA and held July 27-30th at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, IN. The Long Range National Championship consists of (8) 20-round shot strings at 1,000 yards over three days of competition. Klemm finished first overall with a final score of 1571-65x. Congratulations to runner-up Matthew Schwartzkopf of Team Berger, finishing with a 1564-54x, and Carl Matthews third place finish with a 1560-55x. Schwartzkopf also loads with Vihtavuori powder and loaded N140 for his National place finish.

Additionally, Klemm competed in team events with the Team USA Blue. Team USA Blue won the Long Range Team Championship with an overall score of 1559-57X. USA Blue team members were Henry Rockhill, Niklas Montin, Luke Ramsey, and Ed Shelly with Charles Rowe as Captain and James Crofts as Coach.

“Lapua brass, Berger 200.20X bullets, and Vihtavuori N150 powder. Those are the components that it takes to win at the highest levels and those are the components I’ll be trying to win with next year,” commented Klemm.

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