Published On: September 2nd, 2022Categories: Shooting Competitions, SK

Sedalia, MO – Congratulations to SK’s Kaitlin Benthin winning the Lady’s Championship title at the TANDEMKROSS Area 7 Steel Challenge Championships. With a grand aggregate score of 78.05, Benthin finished 1st Lady, 2nd in Junior class, 3rd in Rifles Master, and 4th in Rimfire Master. Benthin finished 6th overall out of 293 competitors.

Benthin’s results for each discipline were as follows:

  • Pistol Caliber Carbine Open 3rd Overall, 1st Lady, 1st Junior, 3rd Grand Master
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron 1st Overall, 1st GM
  • Rimfire Pistol Open 2nd A Class, 3rd Lady, 3rd Junior
  • Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights 2nd B Class, 1st Lady
  • Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights 3rd Lady, 3rd Junior
  • Rimfire Rifle Open 1st Lady, 2nd Junior
  • Fastest RFRO on Showdown and Accelerator

The 2022 TANDEMKROSS Area 7 Steel Challenge Championships were held at the Pioneer Sportsmen Inc in Dunbarton, NH. In a Steel Challenge match, competitors shoot eight courses of fire, each having five steel targets as small as a 10” round plate, and up to a 18×24” rectangle. With competitors shooting out to 35-yards, plates are shot as fast as possible. Each stage is fired five times, except for the Outer Limits stages, which are shot four times from two different positions.

“For years my guns have had the best parts on the market from Tandemkross, but something was missing. Since I’ve started competing with SK, I’ve set more personal bests and won more titles than any year prior,” commented Benthin. “Thanks to my amazing sponsors, I now have the best gun parts and the best ammo! I am happy to have the opportunity to represent team SK. Thank you for all the support!”

Benthin uses SK Rifle Match, SK Standard Plus and SK Semi-Auto, and is coached by her father, David Benthin.

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