Published On: August 22nd, 2022Categories: Berger, Shooting Competitions

Mesa, AZ – Congratulations to the United States Precision Rifle Team, winning the first ever Precision Rifle World Championship! Competitors shooting Berger Bullets won the Open, Limited, and Senior Open classes.

Austin Buschman brought home the gold in the Open Class with 158 impacts firing Berger 6mm 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets. Fellow US teammate and Team Berger member Morgun King secured the silver medal with 157 impacts.

Top competitor results were as follows:

  • 1st Place Open – Austin Buschman, Berger 6mm 109 Grain LRHT
  • 2nd Place Open – Morgun King, Berger 6.5mm 156 Grain Elite Hunter
  • 1st Place Limited – Coulter Mariott, Berger 6mm 105 Grain Hybrid Target
  • 3rd Place Ladies Open – Allison Zane, Berger 6mm 109 Grain LRHT
  • 1st Place Senior Open – Rusty Ulmer, Berger 6mm 105 Grain Hybrid Target
  • 2nd Place Senior Open – Paul Higley, Berger 6mm 109 Grain LRHT

“Berger 105 grain Hybrid Target and 109 Grain LRHT bullets are what I’ve used exclusively in PRS style competitions for three years,” commented Buschman. “I find these 6mm Berger bullets to be very consistent over many different charge weights and seating depths. This has allowed me to focus on developing my shooting skills rather than spend hours on load development.”

The inaugural Precision Rifle World Championship was held August 6-12th in Bitche, France, at the Bitche Military Camp. The United States team competed against 25 other participating countries in Open, Limited, and Factory classes, which include Ladies, Junior, Senior and Mil/LE divisions.

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