Published On: April 26th, 2023Categories: Berger, Shooting Competitions

Team Berger’s James Fox Wins California Service Rifle Championship

Mesa, AZ – Berger’s James Fox won the 2023 California Service Rifle High PowerChampionship with Berger Ammunition. Fox had a Grand Aggregate score of 1282-48X.

The 2023 California Service Rifle High Power Championship was hosted by the Coalinga Rifle Club in Coalinga, CA, April 1-2nd. With two days of shooting, Fox finished 1st place om day onewith a score of 792-33X, and first again on day two with a 490-15X. In High Power Service Rifle, competitors test their skill in four stages: 200yd Slow-fire Standing, 200yd Rapid-fire Sitting (or kneeling), 300yd Rapid Prone, and 600yd Slow-fire Prone.

“The California State Service Rifle Championship was the start to my 2023 shooting season. It was 23 years since the last time I shot at the Coalinga Rifle Club, which both times have resulted in very favorable outcomes for me,” stated Fox. “The first time in 2000 I earned my last Leg Points to become a CMP Distinguished Rifleman, and this year winning the championship for the first time. During the two-day aggregate match, I found some early success in the Rapid-fire Sitting stage at 200 yards, where I shot a sub 1-MOA group using Berger’s 223 Remington 77Grain OTM ammunition. And later in the day at 600 yards, I fired Berger 80.5 Grain Fullborebullets as they held great elevation allowing me to keep rounds in the middle, despite the wind conditions. The Berger 80.5 Grain Fullbore bullets are truly the easy button for Service Rifle, because they seem to just shoot in any barrel I have, with a wide range of powder charges, Vihtavuori N140 seemingly being the best.”

Fox will compete next month at the CMP Eastern Games.

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