Published On: June 25th, 2021Categories: Shooting Competitions, SK

Sedalia, MO – SK Ammunition, manufacturers of high-quality .22 LR cartridges for nearly 190 consecutive years, is pleased to announce their renewed support as Official Ammunition Sponsor of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Rimfire Sporter Match.

The National Rimfire Sporter Match will take place July 25 at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, located within the Camp Perry Training site near Port Clinton, OH. The match offers shooters a recreation-oriented competition where they use sporter rifles commonly owned by nearly all gun enthusiasts. This is a unique match where the only competitor requirements are a rifle and ammo. New shooters are exposed to competitive shooting with a unique course of fire, while experience shooters should find the match challenging as well. All shooters get a series of practice shots at 50 yards and progress to shooting for record with 10 slow-fire shots in the prone position and two series of 5 rapid-fire shots. The final stage of the match consists of targets being placed at the 25-yard line with shooters shooting 10 slow-fire shots and 2 series of 5 rapid-fire shots in the standing position.

“We’re excited to return as the official ammunition sponsor of CMP’s National Rimfire Sporter Match,” commented Morgan Joy-Twenter, Director of Communications. “We’ve been supporting the Rimfire Sporter Match since 2011 and are happy to see the match grow in attendance and continue to introduce recreational shooters to the competitive shooting world.”

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