Published On: May 18th, 2020Categories: Lapua, New Products

Lapua is proud to introduce the latest major improvement to the Naturalis® hunting cartridge line: AirLock™ hermetical seal, a completely unique offering for the ammunition market.

After an extensive development project, Lapua Sales and Marketing Manager Erkki Seikkula is pleased with the outcome, “Thanks to this technical innovation, you can use your Lapua Naturalis® ammunition for a longer time, in any kind of weather conditions, and still get all the premium qualities you expect from our products.”

An advanced and proprietary automation process creates a weather-proof, air-tight seal where the bullet meets the case, as well as where the primer seats into the case. The AirLock™ hermetical seal ensures that the powder in each cartridge is protected from outside moisture or changes to moisture levels. All ammunition must endure several transports and storage time in a multitude of environments. Lapua’s AirLock™ hermetical seal will keep cartridges moisture-free.

AirLock™ hermetical seal doesn’t affect the round’s ballistic qualities, and the fired cases are safe to reload. “You don’t have to worry about spending extra time cleaning your rifle either, as the AirLock™ hermetical seal doesn’t leave any extra residue in the rifle. As extending barrel life is something we care about, we naturally use only the best components with special decoppering features: Vihtavuori premium powder and our Naturalis® copper bullet with a special jacket treatment”, Seikkula explains.

Put together, they highlight what we already know – Lapua ammunition shoots clean, anytime, anywhere. For hunters, it means they can enjoy superior results – come rain or shine.

AirLock™ hermetically sealed Naturalis® cartridges will become available in the hunting season of 2020-2021 and will be rolled out one product at a time. The Lapua Naturalis® family includes the following hunting cartridges:  222 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5×55, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7×64, 7x65R, 308 Win, 30-06, 8×57 IS, 8×57 IRS, 338 Lapua Mag and 9.3 x 62.

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