Published On: February 5th, 2021Categories: Lapua, New Products

Sedalia, MO – Lapua, world-renowned for producing the finest cartridge cases and ammunition, announces the addition of three new 300 Winchester Magnum offerings to their Scenar, Mega and Naturalis Hunting ammunition.

Lapua’s 300 Winchester Magnum, 185 Grain OTM Scenar cartridge is destined to become the number one choice for any demanding target shooter, tactical unit or long range enthusiast. The unique design of the 185 Grain Scenar, paired with the short case neck of the 300 Winchester Magnum case, creates a powerful combination for long range target shooting. With a high quality powder and a muzzle velocity of 3,051 fps, this cartridge offers peak accuracy and impressive ballistic performance beyond 1,000 yards.

300 Winchester Magnum loaded with the 170 Grain Naturalis and the 185 Grain SP MEGA offer options for every hunter. A fan favorite for many years, the traditional MEGA is a lead core, mechanically bonded, soft point hunting projectile. The third generation Lapua Naturalis bullet, with its special valve design, offers a completely lead-free option with the perfect mushrooming effect. With muzzle velocities that enable extremely straight flight trajectories, these rounds are an obvious choice for long range hunting or for situations that demand superior terminal performance.

All three Lapua cartridges will be available Q2 of 2021. Lapua Components and Ammunition are exclusively distributed by Capstone Precision Group, LLC. To find an authorized retailer near you, visit

About Lapua
Lapua produces the highest quality small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit