Lapua Rimfire Test Center – Mesa, AZ

Our mission is to provide serious competitors an opportunity to select the very best rimfire ammunition, matched specifically to their rifles. To that end, we offer the ability to test a variety of different types and lots of Lapua rimfire ammunition. While the concept is based on our test facility in Schoenebeck, Germany, we’ve added the ability for simultaneous testing at both 50 and 100 meters. Given the fact that US shooters often compete at the longer distance, we felt this was the best way to determine which lots performed best at long ranges as well as short. The firing is performed from a machine rest in a controlled environment, eliminating the variables associated with outdoor testing, shooter fatigue or error.

We want to ensure that you have the best ammunition available, matched specifically to your rifle, for the ultimate in competitive performance.

Overview of Testing Procedure 

Testing normally takes from two to four hours, depending on the number of lots being evaluated.

The barreled action of the rifle is first removed from the stock, then mounted into a precision machined bedding block that is custom made for your type of action (when available). This block is then put into our return to battery fixture, which is attached to a large concrete block that has its own foundation separate from the rest of the building. We take these steps to ensure that as many variables as possible are removed during the testing process. This helps us to provide you with the most reliable testing data you can find.

Generally, we test six to seven lots per rifle. The number of rounds fired will vary from one lot to another, with the more promising lots being tested again to verify their superiority in your rifle. Those lots showing less than promising results will not be pursued. If you are present during the testing, we will go over the results together in real time. If you mailed in your rifle, we will email you the results so that you can see the actual targets fired and select one or more lots based on the groups presented.

Once you have selected your ammo lot, it may be purchased directly through the Lapua Service Center or your usual supplier.

Interested in getting your rifle tested? Find out how to schedule an appointment by clicking here.