Published On: October 29th, 2021Categories: Berger, Industry News, Military and Law Enforcement

Mesa, AZ – Berger’s Mil/LE Business Development Manager and “Wind Wizard”, Emil Praslick, will be hosting a wind reading class during the Precision Rifle Expo, October 30-31st.

Praslick is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on wind reading in the world. The former Head Coach at the United States Army Marksmanship Unit has represented the United States in International long-range shooting for over 20 years and has developed training strategies for both tactical and competitive shooting. Praslick’s wind reading class will help shooters gain insight into understanding the mechanism of wind drift and its influence on bullet trajectory, techniques for recognizing and determining wind speed and direction, and strategies of wind management and target engagement.  The daily classes will be held at 10am and 2pm on Saturday, and 10:30am and 1pm on Sunday.

“The Precision Rifle Expo is a fantastic opportunity for both industry folks and the public to meet and learn about what’s new in the precision shooting world. It’s also unique in that the organizers present instructional content for the attendees. I’m really looking forward to teaching and talking to people about the techniques, strategy, and some tips to shooting in the wind. We’re once again partnering with Vortex, who is providing optics for the students so we can really show how to utilize these tools in wind reading,” stated Praslick.

The Precision Rifle Expo gathers the top manufacturers and talent of the long-range precision rifle shooting community, while providing a unique opportunity to see and experience the equipment used by the best shooters in the country.  For more information, visit

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