Team Vihtavuori’s Evil Roy Wins Cowyboy Action and Wild Bunch Nationals

Vihtavuori's Evil Roy

Team Vihtavouri member, Evil Roy (Gene Pearcy), recently brought home two national titles from the 2020 Winter Range SASS National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting in Phoenix, AZ.

The Winter Range SASS National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting was hosted by the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ, February 24 – March 1. Over 1,000 competitors from around the world competed at the Winter Range, which features period militaria, exhibits Old West skills and crafts, and fast-draw competitions.

Evil Roy competed in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch competitions.  Roy took first place and the national title in “Cowboy Action – Cattle Baron” with a score of 302.98.  He also placed first and the national title in the “Wild Bunch” with a score of 3726.68.

“As always, I was shooting N320 in my .38 cowboy loads, .45 ACP, and .45 LC in the Wild Bunch competition,” stated Evil Roy. “Winning national titles in both events brings my World/National Championships to a total of 44.”

Making the Winter Range SASS National Championship even sweeter was Evil Roy shooting alongside his granddaughter, Holy Terror (Randi Rogers). Holy Terror was top woman overall in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch.  Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, Terror also knows Vihtavouri’s N320 will get her to the winner’s podium.

About Vihtavuori
Vihtavuori is world renowned for producing the cleanest burning and temperature stable smokeless powders with unprecedented lot-to-lot consistency. Vihtavuori is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

Team Berger’s John Mullins Wins the Arizona State Lever Action Rifle Silhouette Championship

John Mullins at the AZ Lever Action Championships

Team Berger shooter, John Mullins, swept all three divisions and won the 2020 Arizona State Lever Action Rifle Silhouette Championship. Mullins scored a 71/80 placing him first in Lever Action Rifle (LAR), 74/80 in Pistol Cartridge LAR for first place, and 72/80 in Smallbore Cowboy Rifle to complete the sweep.

The Arizona State Lever Action Rifle Silhouette Championship was held at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex in Phoenix, AZ from February 6-9th.  All LAR shooting is done from the offhand position with open sights. Steel targets are engaged at distances of 40-50-75 and 100 yards for score. The Smallbore Cowboy Rifle division is any lever action, pump, or semi-auto .22LR. The pistol cartridge category uses common calibers such as the .22 Mag, 25-20, 32-20, 38 Special, 357 Mag, or 44 Mag, while the rifle cartridge category’s common cartridges are 30-30, 38-55 and other bottleneck cartridges.

Mullins stated, “Quality components and ammunition were the biggest factors in winning the Arizona State Championship. Without support from my sponsors, like Berger, I wouldn’t be finding myself in the winner’s circle.”

Mullins will compete next at the Arizona Highpower Rifle Silhouette Championship in April.

Lapua Returns as Title Sponsor of the 2020 Practical Rimfire Challenge

Lapua Precision Rifle Challenge

Lapua, world-renowned for producing the finest rimfire cartridges, is pleased to announce their renewed support of the Practical Rimfire Challenge as the title sponsor.

The Lapua Practical Rimfire Challenge Series (LPRC) is held at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV. The series is an affordable 5-match series leading up to the finale in October.  The LPRC is designed to test the .22LR rifle shooter, ammunition and optics out to 300 yards. While most stages focus on long-range positional shooting skills, shooters will encounter stages set in natural terrain, stages with movement, Olympic stages of fire, Collegiate stages of fire and/or smallbore style stages. Shooters can select from the semi-auto or bolt action division.  All rifles must be chambered in .22LR and can be fitted with magnified optics. All legal, safe, and responsible amateur and professional shooters are welcomed.

Registration for the LRPC is now open and will kick off this March.  Match dates are as follows:

  • Series Match 1 March 21/22
  • Series Match 2 May 25/26
  • Series Match 3 June 22/23
  • Series Match 4 July 27/28
  • Series Finale October 5

“We’re excited to return as the title sponsor of the Practical Rimfire Challenge,” commented Morgan Joy-Twenter, Director of Communications. “Peacemaker does an excellent job of running the series of matches and it’s evident in the growing attendance.”  For more information on the LPRC visit

Vihtavuori’s Ian Klemm Wins at Berger Southwest Nationals

Ian Klemm at Southwest 2020 Southwest Nationals

Team Vihtavuori member Ian Klemm has medaled in every event at Berger’s Southwest Nationals long range competition. Loading Vihtavuori N150 and Berger’s hot new 30 Caliber 208 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target bullets, Klemm took 3rd Overall in the FTR Mid-Range (600 yards) and Long Range events (800, 900, and 1,000 yards).  Klemm was also a member of Team “USA Independence” in the team events, where they earned high honors in all categories: 1st in team Palma, 1st in the 1,000 yard Team Final and 1st Overall Team Aggregate.

The Berger Southwest Nationals, hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club, took place February 5-9th at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ with a sold-out roster of 400 competitors. The Southwest Nationals is the “must-attend” event for competitive long-range shooters around the world, featuring F-Open, F-TR, and Sling disciplines. Competitors from over 9 different countries were in attendance.

“The new Berger 208 grain Hybrid Bullet combined with Vihtavuori N150 powder proved to be a consistent winning combination, resulting in a top 3 finish in every event during the 2020 Southwest Nationals,” commented Klemm. Klemm will be competing next at the Sinclair International Fullbore Championship in May at Camp Butner, NC.

Berger Ammunition to load USSOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle Ammunition

ASR Ammo

Capstone Precision Group, part of the Nammo Commercial Business Area, has been awarded the sub-contract by Ultra Defense Corporation to load the non-standard Advance Sniper Rifle ammunition contract that provides ammunition for the USSOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle program.

The single-year contract is to load 800,000 rounds of 300 Norma Mag ammunition that will be loaded using Berger .30 caliber, 215 grain Hybrid bullets and Lapua cartridge cases. It also includes 200,000 rounds of 338 Norma Mag that Capstone will load using Lapua cartridge cases and the Lapua .338 caliber, 300 grain AP529 projectiles.

 “Our team has been working on this project for over two years and are all very proud to have been trusted to load this important project,” said Bill Gravatt, Capstone’s President. “It was a total team effort by everyone at Capstone, Ultra Defense and other areas of Nammo. The Berger and Lapua projectiles had already been specified for this program but now we have the honor of loading the ammunition.”

Adam Braverman, Director of Sales, Marketing and Distribution, added, “Winning this contract was strategically very important to us in paving the way towards future long term contracts specializing in advanced ammunition loadings.”

The ammunition will be loaded and tested at Capstone’s facility in Mesa, Arizona.

“Working with Ultra Defense and USSOCOM on this project has been a great experience,” mentioned Dan Thelen, Capstone’s General Manager. “Leveraging the bullet production and commercial ammunition capabilities of Capstone/Berger with the legendary quality of Lapua cases puts us in the unique position to deliver a World Class product to our US warfighters.”

Team Lapua Wins Berger Southwest Nationals, Sets Range Record

Team Lapua 2020

Mesa, AZ – For the third straight year, Team Lapua won the F-Open Grand Aggregate Team Award at the Berger Southwest Nationals (SWN) with a score of 2584-160X (out of a possible 2600).

Team Lapua achieved an additional win and established a new range record in the Palma Team Match with a score of 1791-113 (out of a possible 1800). Lapua team members are Pat Scully, Jay Christopherson, David Christian, and Jeremy Smith, with Bob Sebold and Erik Cortina as Team Captains.

Additionally, team members Jay Christopherson, Pat Scully and Tod Hendricks added individual accomplishments placing first, second and third respectively in the F-Open Grand Aggregate individual awards, adding an exclamation point to Lapua’s dominating results.

The Berger Southwest Nationals, hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club, took place February 5-9th at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ with a sold-out roster of 400 competitors. The Southwest Nationals is the “must-attend” event for competitive long-range shooters around the world, featuring F-Open, FTR, and Sling disciplines. Competitors from over 9 different countries were in attendance. The Grand Aggregate is the total score from firing points of 600, 800, 900, and 1,000 yards.

“I am very proud of the team,” stated, Team Captain, Erik Cortina, “From setting a new range record to placing first in the F-Open Grand Aggregate, our success is directly attributed to Lapua’s premium components.”

About Lapua

Lapua produces the highest quality small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

New Berger 6mm Creedmoor Ammunition

Mesa, AZ – New for 2019, Berger announces the addition of two 6mm Creedmoor offerings to their successful Match-Grade Rifle Ammunition line.

New Berger 6mm Creedmoor Hunting Ammunition is loaded with 95 Grain Hybrid Classic Hunter projectiles and Lapua cartridge cases offering match-grade accuracy, lethal precision and sub-MOA results. Classic Hunter bullets are purpose-built to optimize ballistic performance in the field, while functioning flawlessly through any factory rifle magazine. Its cutting-edge hybrid ogive design is the same as Berger Hybrid Target Bullets, yet allowing for SAAMI length configurations for efficiency in the field.

New 6mm Creedmoor Target Ammunition is loaded with Berger 105 Grain Hybrid Target bullets, the “go-to” for PRS shooters and long-range accuracy enthusiasts alike. Built using premium grade Lapua cartridge cases, Berger’s 6mm Creedmoor Target Ammunition provides the discriminating shooter the highest quality components and sub-MOA accuracy “off-the-shelf”, unequaled by the competition.

Berger Ammunition is offered in an assortment of Target, Hunting and Tactical configurations for both 6mm and 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Remington, 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Norma Magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum. Each cartridge is assembled with the world’s finest components to exacting tolerances, purposefully dimensioned to maximize the results of your favorite firearm and discipline. Find Berger Ammunition at your favorite Berger retailer. Berger Bullets and Ammunition are manufactured in Mesa, AZ and distributed by Capstone Precision Group, LLC. Capstone also holds exclusive distribution for Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK products.

Lapua Adding New 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition

Sedalia, MO – Lapua, world-renowned for producing the finest cartridge cases and ammunition, announces the addition of the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge to their Scenar-L Target and Naturalis Hunting ammunition offerings.

The 6.5m Creedmoor 136 Grain Scenar-L offers an optimized, high ballistic coefficient (BC) for long-range competitive target shooting, yet maintains SAAMI configuration for flawless function through all factory or custom rifle magazines.

6.5 Creedmoor loaded with the 140 Grain Lapua Naturalis provides hunters a lead-free alternative for today’s ever-changing hunting landscape. Designed and manufactured from pure copper, the Naturalis construction is proven to reliably retain 90-100% of its original weight. It uses state-of-the-art technology to produce consistent, controlled expansion at the widest velocity range on the market.     

Erkki Seikkula, Lapua Sales & Marketing Manager states, “Lapua continues its support of the Creedmoor cartridge by offering cases, bullets, and now loaded ammunition to help sustain its growth. Competitive shooters insist upon having top quality products, and Lapua will reliably answer the call by providing the very best.” Lapua Components and Ammunition are exclusively distributed in the USA by Capstone Precision Group, LLC. Capstone also offers Berger, Vihtavuori and SK products.

SK Launches New Long Range Match .22 LR Ammunition

Sedalia, MO – SK Ammunition, manufacturers of high-quality .22 LR cartridges for nearly 190 consecutive years, announce their latest offering: “SK Long Range Match.” New for 2019, Long Range Match was developed for demanding .22 LR enthusiasts routinely acquiring targets out to 100 yards and beyond. It is purpose-built for today’s long range rimfire shooting disciplines ever-increasing in popularity, such as PRC, tactical rimfire, long range silhouette and more.

SK Ammunition Sales & Marketing Manager Joerg Melcher states, “Historically, high-quality match ammunition has been a barrier to entry for competitive target shooting. SK Long Range Match allows shooters to gain access to new competition rimfire rifle and pistol disciplines without overwhelming their pocketbooks.”

SK Long Range delivers accurate, high-quality rounds that reliably feed through your competitive target rifle. Centerfire competition shooters will also find SK Long Range Match the ideal training companion to prepare with .22 platforms similar to their big bore configuration. Whether you’re actively competing in today’s popular long range rimfire sports or connecting with LR targets from the firing line at your local club, instill the confidence you deserve with new SK Long Range Match.

SK Ammunition is produced by Nammo Shonebeck GmbH in Germany and is part of the Nammo Group. Distribution for the USA is handled through Capstone Precision Group. Capstone also distributes Lapua, Berger and Vihtavuori products exclusively.

Berger Bullets Announces New ELR Match Solid Projectiles

Mesa, AZ – New for 2019, Berger Bullets proudly announces the New Extreme Long Range (ELR) Match Solid Projectile line, beginning with 375 caliber 379 Grain and 407 Grain offerings.

Extreme Long-Range shooting to distances of two miles and beyond has taken the firearms community by storm. With much of its roots developed from elite military sniper and Special Forces rifle training, ELR enthusiasts are utilizing highly innovative rifle and ammunition technology to engage targets at distances previously unheard of. Berger has taken the lead pioneering ELR, similar to how it’s dominated all other long-range rifle disciplines.

Berger Bullets chief ballistician, Bryan Litz states “Our new ELR Solid Match Bullets provide both competition shooters and Mil/LE forces a long-range solid projectile like no other. Its highly optimized VLD ogive design and lathe-turned solid copper construction provide a ballistic advantage that is unmatched by any conventional style bullet.”

Berger ELR Match Solid Projectiles, Berger Bullets and Ammunition are distributed by Capstone Precision Group. Capstone also distributes Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK product for the USA. For dealer inquiries contact:

Capstone Precision Group LLC

Phone:  660-460-2800