Bryan Litz Wins Hathcock Award

Bryan Litz Wins Hathcock Award

Mesa, AZ – Berger’s Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, was presented with this year’s National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Hathcock award on June 4, 2019 in Fredericksburg, VA.

The Hathcock award is presented to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions in operational employment and tactics of small arms weapons systems which impact the readiness and capability of U.S. military and law enforcement. The NDIA’s Small Arms Committee Executive Board selects the recipient in honor of the U.S Marine corps sniper legend Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II. Hathcock honorably served in both military and law enforcement communities and influenced sniper training programs across the country.

“It is truly humbling and deeply gratifying that my work has value to our nation’s Armed Forces. Being selected for the Hathcock award is the highest honor I’ve received in my career,” said Bryan Litz.

Bryan Litz joined the Berger team in November of 2008 and has been instrumental in developing new and innovative Berger products for the U.S. military and law enforcement.

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Vihtavuori Dominates 2019 Firearms Industry Super Shoot

Sedalia, MO – Vihtavuori Powder dominated the 47th Annual Firearms Industry Super Shoot (F.I.S.S.) with the entire Top 20 competitors using N133 smokeless powder.

Each year the F.I.S.S. attracts hundreds of the world’s best competition benchrest shooters to Kelby’s Range in North Lawrence, Ohio. Over four days of competition, five-shot groups are fired at targets ranging from 100/200 yards with a variety of new and innovative firearms, equipment and accessories. Benchrest shooters are often viewed as trend-setting within the competitive shooting sports, and their near unanimous use of Vihtavuori powder is unprecedented.

Vihtavuori Production Manager, Mika Syrjala, stated: “Vihtavuori’s extreme temperature stability and clean burning characteristics enabled it to outperform all other reloading powders during northern Ohio’s volatile May weather. The results are a testament to nearly 100 years of our continued product development.”

Vihtavuori is the #1 choice of competitive benchrest shooters, and has quickly become the “go-to” powder for Extreme Long Range (ELR) competitors engaging targets to 2,500 yards and beyond. Vihtavuori’s lot-to-lot consistency, temperature stability, and clean burning characteristics make it the best selection for those who seek “The Power of Accuracy”.

Team Lapua member Neary Wins F.I.S.S. LV Grand Aggregate

Jack Neary Wins Super Shoot

Team Lapua shooter, Jack Neary, out shot nearly 200 competitors to win the Firearms Industry Super Shoot (F.I.S.S.) Light Varmint Grand Aggregate this past Memorial Day weekend. 

F.I.S.S. attracts the world’s best competitive benchrest shooters from 9 countries to Kelby’s Range in N. Lawrence, Ohio. Over four days of competition, five-shot groups are fired at targets ranging from 100/200 yards with a variety of new and innovative firearms, reloading equipment, components and accessories.

Neary, a Hall of Fame benchrest shooter and 5-time USA World Team member, attributes his competitive shooting success to Lapua’s unprecedented quality of construction. This includes: the finest raw materials, superior annealing qualities, exacting dimensions and longevity unmatched by other cartridge case manufacturers.

Neary stated: “Lapua cases provide me confidence to compete at the highest levels against the most talented shooters in the world. One shot can make the difference between first and worst, which is why every competitive benchrest shooter around the world trusts Lapua to achieve top results.”

Lapua cartridge cases were used by nearly every single F.I.S.S. competitor, a clear testament to their unmatched quality and “Passion for Precision.”

Capstone Precision Group Stands with the Firearms Industry, Drops Software Platform

Capstone Precision Group, manufacturers of Berger bullets & ammunition and exclusive distributors for Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK products, has declined to renew the CRM software platform used by their customer service and technical support team due to recent anti-gun comments from the platform’s CEO, click here to read more.

Last week, the mammoth CRM provider publicly announced policy changes outlining their reluctance to work with firearm manufacturers, distributors and resellers of lawful firearm related commerce. Capstone Precision Group finds the practices discriminatory and is immediately severing ties with the provider. 

Capstone President, Bill Gravatt stated: “We would rather communicate with our customers by phone, email and hand-written notes before supporting software providers that grandstand in the name of political correctness. Our customers may experience a brief interruption in exemplary service while we identify a new pro-gun platform, however, we’re confident they will agree it’s the right decision.”

Team Vihtavuori shooter Bruce Piatt Wins Bianchi Cup

Sedalia, MO – Team Vihtavuori member, Bruce Piatt, scored a 1920-179x to bring home his sixth Bianchi Cup. Piatt used N320 Vihtavuori pistol powder exclusively, known for its clean burning characteristics and unmatched lot-to-lot consistency.

The NRA National Action Pistol Championship took place May 22-24th at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Hallsville, MO. For over 40 years, Green Valley has attracted the world’s top action pistol shooters to compete for the coveted Bianchi Cup.

“It’s been 10 years since I won my last Bianchi Cup. It feels great to win this National Championship especially after missing last year’s match due to shoulder surgery. The soft shooting Vihtavuori N320 did a great job at minimizing recoil while providing excellent accuracy,” said Piatt. Piatt’s next match is the Trijicon 3-Man, June 22-23rd in Topton, PA. To learn more about Bruce Piatt, visit