Published On: June 18th, 2024Categories: Shooting Competitions, Vihtavuori

Vihtavuori’s Wayne Campbell Wins at Super Shoot 50

Sedalia, MO – Team Vihtavuori’s Wayne Campbell captured second-place finish at the 2024 Super Shoot 50 with a 2-Gun Aggregate score of 0.2547”.

The Firearms Industry Super Shoot 50 was held May 20-23 at the Bench Rest Rifle Club in Wright City, MO. The annual match is known as the World’s Premier Shooting bench rest event of the year.  Shooters competed in the National Bench Rest Shooters Association (NBRSA) style match Light Varmint 100 and 200 yard and Heavy Varmint 100 and 200 yard.

Campbell, the second highest Benchrest Hall of Fame shooter, competed against 117 shooters in both the light weight and heavy weight varmint.  His scores were as follows:

Light Weight Varmint 100 Yard – 0.2516”

Light Weight Varmint 200 Yard – 0.2777”

Heavy Weight Varmint 100 Yard – 0.2408”

Heavy Weight Varmint 100 Yard – 0.2488”

Campbell produces with his own benchrest bullets using Berger J4 6mm jackets, and with Lapua 220 Russian brass and Vihtavouri N133 powder.

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